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Build A Personalised Album Beyond Imagination!

Enter a world filled with unique digital masterpieces. With billions of different combinations, each Illuvitar is as individual as you are.

Illuvitars are released in waves, so act fast to ensure you collect them all. Don't miss the opportunity to build a world of Illuvitars that are uniquely yours!

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Gold Illuvitar
Diamond Illuvitar


D1SKs contain random Illuvitars and Accessories and can be traded on the IlluviDex.
There are two types of D1SKs to choose from:

Illuvitar D1SK
d1sk illuvitarsCONTAINS
portraitx1 Random Illuvitar
accessoryx3 Accessories
portraitx1 Bonus Tier Illuvitar
mega d1sk
Illuvitar Mega D1SK
d1sk illuvitarsCONTAINS
portraitx1 Random Illuvitar
accessoryx3 Accessories
itemx1 Rare Illuvitar

Each Illuvitar has multiple expressions, finishes, and backgrounds to collect.

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Illuvitars are composed of three distinct parts - the portrait, the background, and the accessories. The portrait is the heart of the Illuvitar, featuring different expressions that bring it to life. The background adds depth and accessories give it a distinct look and feel. Finally, it is finished in either colour or holo. The rarer the Illuvitar, the higher its power.


Personalise your Illuvitar with accessories. Accessories are an additional layer that “bonds” permanently to your Illuvitar using five corresponding slots — Headwear, Eyewear, Skin, Bodywear, and Props.

Unlock your Illuvitars full potential with a personalised album

The Illuvitars album is your ultimate destination for collecting and managing your digital masterpieces. With over 100+ collections to fill, you can gain points on the leaderboard with each new addition.

Keep collecting Illuvitars to earn rewards and compete with others to become the top collector.

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Bring Your Illuvitar to Life!

Select Accessories to see what Atlas would look like beyond the Illuvium Universe.

Atlas Character
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