Wave 2

Don't miss your chance to own Illuvitars and accessories from Wave 2. Available for a limited time.

DISCLAIMER Illuvium D1SKs contain a set of unknown, randomised virtual items for in-game use. The precise contents of each D1SK is made known upon purchase and opening. Learn More


Wave 2

Illuvium Beyond Set 1, Wave 2 features an exciting line-up of 25 new Illuvitars, each with its own unique characteristics and captivating designs. To explore the availability of these stunning Illuvitars, make sure to check out our comprehensive Beyond Availability Guide.

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Want to find out more about D1SKs, Illuvitars, and Accessories? Visit the Illuvitars Overview on our Marketplace and have a go at building your own Illuvitar.

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launch party

Come join the party and see what Illuvitars are being discovered in real-time via our Launch Party Dashboard, featuring a Holo counter for rare Illuvitars and a power tracker for the most powerful Illuvitar.

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